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Vision & Aims

A nutshell of the aims and the program of the regional development association of Vorarlberg (Regio-V)

Increase regional resilience

"Regional Resilience is the ability of a region to cope with crises for the purpose of a sustainable human well-being" – the ultimate goal of the Regio-V is to increase this capacity.
To achieve this, projects are developed and EU structural funds are used. The projects of the Regio-V are to be understood as a social learning process.

Exploration of the duality

The Regio-V also aims in projects that the society in spite of increasingly pluralistic imprint (coexistence of different interests, lifestyles and driven by the society’s decision-making structures) and the complexity of development issues deals reinforced with the following interactions:

Man and Nature:

It's about the right balance of exploitation and conservation.

Economic growth and quality of life:

It's about the right scale for growth. The Vorarlberg state government decided in 2011 to actively participate in the discussion process about the "right" progress. In essence, it is about the question of what kind of growth or development objectives and implementation measures can be useful to ensure the high quality of life permanently and to expand. The topics such as health, local supply, training, mobility, democratic engagement are important indicators of a higher quality of life.

Prosperity and well-being:

Under the slogan "Less is sometimes more" projects should increasingly prioritize quality over quantity and prepend the indicators of satisfaction (utility of the action, health, knowledge, job satisfaction).