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Strategy & Tools

Development priorities

  1. Regional economies (food industry, service, trade, energy) - to intensify and strengthen existing collaborations
  2. Design local natural and cultural heritage experience to obtain and use old buildings creatively
  3. Creating favourable conditions for young families and immigration of professional workers, and mobilize the social commitment

Local strategies

In the past, the state government together with stakeholders developed strategies such as:
Ökoland, Tourism 2020, Economic Model of Vorarlberg, energy autonomy 2050, integration model
These strategies are taken into account in the definition of the projects.

Local cooperation

The cooperative organized Regio-V is a regional cooperation platform in itself. The members are public decision-makers, professional associations and interest groups. The Regio-V is an ideal tool for cross-sectorial cooperation.
The management office coordinates the project activities where several members are involved.
More information about the members  >> more

Transnational cooperation

The structure funding programs of the EU allow us to work together cross-border.
 Experience has shown that cooperation with other regions is very valuable and through common topic editing a greater chance can be developed for implementation.

EU structural funding

The Regio-V has been trying for years to have a good cooperation with other European regions.

The EU-INTERREG programs support this initiative with a clear objective.

The Regio-V participates in INTERREG A and B projects specifically in the program area of the Alpine Space and Central Europe and works occasionally as a Lead Partner. In addition, the Regio-V is responsible at the local level for the implementation of the EU-LEADER program. The Regio-V forms the Local Action Group (LAG) - Read more about: current projects, and projects of the past, as well as LEADER.